In the Northern Towns of steel is where I found myself in my early years. Training hard to become a notorious Welder that could one day walk in those pubs and talk about TWO ON, TWO OFF, or to give an in depth explanation on how you drowned on your survival course, but because of your importance and reputation you were given another chance, in which you ‘smashed it’.
   Sorry to disappoint you all but I walked away from that well before I could shout about the choppers whilst strutting about the gym. Instead, I spent my Welding Apprenticeship writing books on my mobile phone.
   Dropped it right in there then didn’t I, well here it is. The only enjoyable hours I spent on my Apprenticeship were not following that tiny green light along a steel beam or girder, let me tell you. It was in fact, writing stories. I didn’t have a laptop or a computer, no no, money was too important. I needed my beer on a weekend so the Microsoft Word app on my phone was the trick.
   My all so lovable company hit a slow spot, losing all it’s contracts in the process. I was one of the super lucky Apprentices who had the honour of sweeping the half a mile bay, each day. Fun. It wasn’t all that bad, five months isn’t too long to go ten hours a day without speaking a word, just sweeping. Again, fun.
   Shortly after this inspiring work, I abandoned my sweeping brush which pained me dearly. It felt as though I was cutting off one of my arms, but hey, I had ideas and my brain was beginning to hurt. I then snuck off each day for a few hours and created Gideon and his brothers along with a world that has now become my five part Fantasy series.
   It took a lot longer than expected, you can thank my super helpful, inspiring, kind-hearted, well spoken, respectful Foreman for that. Him standing outside the toilet door, threatening to sack me was extremely distracting. I mean where is his sense of ambition?
   After that I finally finished my first book and sought to find myself a Publisher. I was extremely surprised when I was offered a meeting and then a Publishing deal. More so my work colleague’s when I got the call and I skipped out of my Apprenticeship seven hours before the shift ended, with my brush.
   That was the beginning of my unexpected journey. After some long stints of cover design, editing and planning we released my first book. An amazing moment, second best moment of my life after the birth of my demon daughter, Athena, first of her name, ruler of the potty and watcher of the Peppa Pig.  
   In the following months I was lucky enough and extremely honoured to appear in my local Newspaper, followed by a couple of interviews. Although when I look back, I think those Reporters and Journalists missed the point, they were more interested as to how I wrote a book on the toilet, opposed to Gideon and his brothers waging war in Requirium.
    Three years later, I no longer write on my phone. I invested in a laptop and a desk and tossed away my modern technique of writing on the toilet. But despite my transition the war still rages for Gideon, but more on that when you delve into the Lost Sons series.
      I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I encourage anyone who enjoyed this post to leave a comment in the section below. Start a debate, ask a question or even recommend a topic for my next Blog.

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